Daream, found in 2015, R&D teamed up with PhD from top universities in USA and senior engineers from IT business sectors in China. The team members are unique expertise in computer vision, machine learning and big data analysis fields.


We are so proud of the team on the algorithm landed in 2016 to our 1st generation product – drivermate, a smart device to detect the fatigue and distraction on the driving states, and alarming so to prevent car accident and saving driver’s life. 


About us


Work for future

By dedicated on the core-tech and algorithms on:

  •           ●  Face Analysis
  •           ●  Face Expression Analysis
  •           ●  Human & Gesture Analysis
  •           ●  Visual Surveillance
  •           ●  Mobile Robotics



And our own business model differentiation, our time and efforts are then narrowed down

to the product(s) embedded for auto and security industries.


Quite amazing, is it? Yes, the team is full of higher energy, passionate, creativity and crossover

knowledge to net the big dream.


Dare to Dream (coined Daream) is our motivation for the next era. We are in search of excellence on Intelligent Media and enjoyment of life when move forward along our own business path.