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Q1: What is the major function of Drivermate?

A: Drivermate is a device to detect the driving behaviour simultaneously and alarming if the driver is in fatigue or distraction state, to prevent car accident and save driver's life.


Q2: How does Drivermate work?

A: Drivermate can capture the eyelid closure for the fatigue judgement or detect the head pose (up/down, left/right off the road) state for the distraction, make the alarm to the driver for the prevention of driving accident.


Q3: Is it easy to install?

A: Yes, just a 3 steps: 1). Stick to the back of central rearview mirror/windshield, next to the central rearview mirror, or mount on the top og the steering column (see User Manual for detailed location), 2). Plug in the power, and 3). Make your face straight to the device for setup, and the freen light displays, then here you go! You can refer to the Installation section for more detailed information.


Q4: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, just power on and setup, then all go!


Q5: Can Drivermate work at night?

A: Yes, it works round-the-clock environment, including at extreme sunlight or darkest outside.


Q6: Can it work under eye glasses or sunglasses?

A: Yes, our world-class algorithm embedded can work well under most kinds glasses. But for some very thick lens. It may affect the detection rate.


Q7: Can it be connected with other devices?

A: Yes, our device can be connected, via Bluetooh, with your phone (iPhone/Android phones). What you need to do is to download the Apps from the App Store (Driversmate) or Google Play (Drivermate), and make the installation. And furthermore, you can also, at the meantime, connect with your Apple Watch or other Smart Band to get more functions of either Vibration On or Alarm in Mute.


Q8: Does it fit for various vehicles?

A: Yes, the device can support both left and right handed wheels, and small cars or big vehicles. The working distance between the eyes and device is at 500 ~ 800mm range.


Q9: Is it annoying?

A: Up to you, the device keeps silence if you are in good drving (eyes on the road); And it will alert you, if you are in fatigue or distraction state. To make the alarm off, you can make the change in the Apps Settings on your Bluetooth cell phone, but this "no warning alarm" is only applied for the driving speed at less than 40 km/hr, and only when the device is paited with your phone.


Q10: Is there any privacy issue for the Drivermate use?

A: No, Drivermate is NOT a CCTV system, footage is NEVER recorded during the driving.